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The Key Witness

Hull invited the men inside. She planned to eventually contact police as a concerned citizen, she said.

"Why did you think we'd get to you sometime?" Trapp asked.

"Well, because of the gun," Hull replied.

"What gun?"

"The grandfather's gun."

"What do you know about the grandfather's gun?"

Hull went on to say that three weeks before the murder she and Noel Scott were in William's room when the older man was out of the house. Scott was searching for a will and opened the jewelry box, marveling at its contents, until Hull told him it was worthless.

Scott was furious.

"He was very angry that he thought he would go to college and he thought his grandfather would pay for it and his grandfather didn't pay for it because he didn't have the money," Hull said. "That he was going to inherit all his jewelry, not knowing that it was costume jewelry, made him even more angry."

Then Scott opened a nightstand drawer and pulled out a .32 caliber handgun.

"Look what I found," he told her. As he fumbled with the gun, it discharged and created a bullet hole in the ceiling.

A week later, Hull broke up with Scott when he proposed to her. She felt he was "a bit of a loser" and had no future prospects. Scott said his financial problems would be over when he inherited his grandfather's estate. 

Trapp and Hernandez asked her what she thought of the murder.

"If anybody were to have killed the grandfather, it would be him," she replied.

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