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A New Set of Eyes

The first thing Hernandez did was view the video of the crime scene. Then he reinterviewed all of the witnesses and subjects. This didn't come as a welcome event in Scott's life.

"There were a few obstacles," Hernandez recalled. This was primarily Scott's mother, who vigorously defended her son, citing her family's strong religious background.

Scott was still extremely uncooperative when detectives interviewed him. He crossed his arms and legs, obstinately refusing to divulge anything.

Hernandez wanted to know where Scott was at the time of the murder.

"At a coffee shop," Scott answered. This was the third alibi he had given since 1983.

"Were you ever in your grandfather's closet?"


"Did your grandfather have a gun?"

"I knew he had a gun, but I never saw it."

While this exchange was going on, Scott's mother was at the front desk, raising hell.

Hernandez wanted to know how Scott's fingertips got chopped up. That answer was still the same. Working on his car. Nothing was going to come of this interview and Scott left the police station again, a free man.

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