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Dr. Larry C. Ford


James Patrick Riley was a busy man. For years, Riley had been involved in the insurance business, real estate and other money-making projects. At the age of 32, Riley had become the founding chief executive officer of a brokerage corporation, which he later sold at a premium. Riley then worked at a series of projects, including real estate investments and the marketing of dietary supplements.

Biofem poster
Biofem poster

According to the L.A. Times on March 20, 2000, Riley was introduced to Ford by a mutual business acquaintance. Together they developed a company, known as Biofem Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the late 1980s. Biofems primary products were a vaginal suppository contraceptive, which supposedly prevented the spread of HIV and other venereal diseases, and a revolutionary antibiotic contrived from amniotic fluid. Ford had formulated both products. When Riley was shot, the company was in the process of beginning clinical trials on the female contraceptive, which was called Inner Confidence. The trials resumed even though Fords life had come to an abrupt end and Rileys would be forever changed.

Soon following the death of Ford, Riley remained in seclusion to prevent another possible attempt on his life. He issued a statement that Biofem had never been involved in the use of toxic materials and chemicals. He also claimed to not have known about any of Fords supposed biological warfare links in South Africa or with the C.I.A. Biofems attorney, Lee, stated that Riley had thought his business relationship with Ford had been strong and that he had difficulty believing that his partner was responsible for the shooting. Eventually, Riley recovered from his physical injuries and rebuilt Biofem. However, the mystery around Ford and his possible ties to South Africas biological weapons program continued to baffle investigators and police.



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