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Eric Rudolph: Serial Bomber


The Atlanta

 "Months after Olympic Bombing," 10/12/1996.

"Centennial Olympic Park Bombing," 10/27/1996.

"Explosions in Sandy Springs," 1/17/1997.

"Man was seen near clinic bomb," 1/31/1997.

"Law and Order: Meriwether County," 5/21/1998.

"Reno apologizes to Jewell for FBI's leak to the media," 8/1/1997.

"Jewell to drop suit against Piedmont," 8/27/1997.

"Jewell lands job as officer on Luthersville police force," 11/26/1997.

"Rudolph still in the woods, task force asserts," 12/04/1998.

"Eric Rudolph on the run," 1/31/1999.

"Reporters told to reveal sources," 3/17/1999.

"2 reporters ordered jailed in Jewell suit," 6/4/1999.

"Jewell settles lawsuit against ABC," 11/17/1999.

"Millions later, no Rudolph," 3/17/2000.

"Rudolph indicted in four bombings," 11/16/2000.

"Jewell, AJC lawyers appeal court rulings," 7/13/2001.

"Olympic Bombing: Vivid crime, invisible suspect," 7/27/2001.

"Jewell public figure, appeals court says," 1011/2001.

"Olympic blast suspect still haunting," 2/23/2002.

CNN Interactive:

"Explosion rocks Olympic Park in Atlanta," July 27, 1996.

 "At least 2 dead in blast at Atlanta's Olympic Park," July 27, 1996.

 "'I am not the Olympic Park bomber,'" Oct. 28, 1996.

 "'Army of God' letters claim responsibility for clinic bombing," Feb. 2, 1998.

 "Nurse injured in clinic bombing speaks out," March 2, 1998., "Army of God letters support accused bomber Eric Rudolph," March 18, 2002.

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CNN News (April 8, 2005 ). Rudolph agrees to pleas agreement.

Schuster, Henry (March 31, 2005 ). Motion to suppress evidence filed in Rudolph case. CNN News.



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