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Roy DeMeo

The Judas Kiss

Fearing that Roy might become a cooperating witness for the government, Castellano had ordered Nino to take care of him. Nino was a man whom Roy trusted, so when Nino invited him one day for a meeting, he went. Nino met him, along with the Gemini Twins. Roy took off his leather jacket and Nino fired at his head. He was hit seven times, including the symbolic bullets that the twins put into his skull, behind the ears. Then they put him into the trunk of his car, placed the chandelier over him that he was taking to get repaired, and parked him at the club in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Anthony Senter
Anthony Senter

The government had lost Roy DeMeo as a witness, but they had not lost Nino or Paul. They continued to look for evidence against these men. Nino was arrested in 1984 and released on bail. He was eventually convicted of a conspiracy to steal cars and sentenced to five years. On these same charges, Joey Testa and Anthony Senter, the Gemini twins, were acquitted. Then they were all brought up, along with other crew members, on multiple counts of murder. Before the trial was over, Nino, 62, died in prison. The others were convicted.

Paul Castellano
Paul Castellano

Eventually, thanks to a bug in Castellano's home and surveillance photos of a meeting of the heads of the crime families, the grand jury returned an indictment against everyone at the meeting, including Castellano. Before he went to trial, however, John Gotti made a power play to become head of the Gambino family by having Castellano assassinated in front of Sparks Steak House on December 16, 1985.

When John Gotti's underboss, Sammy "the Bull" Gravano testified against Gotti in a trial in which Gotti was convicted of his part in the murder of Castellano, Gravano also recalled Castellano's lack of reaction to DeMeo's demise.

Apparently, when one accepts "the life," one accepts whatever form of death comes with it.



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