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Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols: Oklahoma Bombing


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The Toronto Star
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Seattle Times
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The Oklahoman


Magers, Phil (June 14, 2004). Analysis: Jury reflected mixed opinion. United Press International.

Newsday (March 23, 2004). Oklahoma City bombing trial: A patsy or killer? Prosecutors and Terry Nichols' lawyers give opposite versions of his role in the 1995 attack that killed 168. Newsday and the Associated Press.

Newsday (April 21, 2004). Nichols linked to bombing. Newsday and Associated Press.

Newsday (June 2, 2004). Oklahoma City bombing victims testify in Nichols death penalty hearing.

Newsday (June12, 2004). Sentencing of Terry Nichols religion may have saved him.

Ramano, Lois (March 23, 2004). Okla. opens trial by calling Terry Nichols "A Partner in Terror;" State says defendent helped in 1995 plot. The Washington Post.

Talley, Tim (March 22, 2004). Prosecutor begins opening statements in Oklahoma City bombing trial. AP Worldstream.

Talley, Tim (March 29, 2004). Agent says Nichols got tons of fertilizer. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (April 9, 2004). Nichols' wife tells of McVeigh affair. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (April 12, 2004). Nichols' attorneys seek dismissal of state charges over disclosure of evidence. AP Worldstream.

Talley, Tim (April 21, 2004). Defense rests case at Nichols trial. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (April 26, 2004). Nichols' defense thrown into disarray. AP Online.

Talley. Tim (May 9, 2004). Nichols lawyers blame others for bombing. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (May 15, 2004). Sister: McVeigh rarely spoke of Nichols. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (May 21, 2004). Defense rests case at Nichols trial. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (June 7, 2004). Juror loss could decide Nichols' penalty. AP Online.

Talley, Tim (June 9, 2004). Nichols jurors begin deliberating after defense urges mercy, prosecutor calls him 'terrorist.' AP Worldstream.

The Grand Rapids Press (May 20, 2004). FBI whistleblower says colleague lied at Oklahoma bombing trials; Terry Nichols' attorneys may rest their case today.

United Press International (April 6, 2004). Prosecution witness helps Nichols' case.

United Press International (June 6, 2004). Nichols punishment phase opens.


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