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Ted Bundy

Photo Gallery

Ted Bundy headshot

Police composite of the suspect

FBI wanted poster

Ted Bundy mugshot

Ted Bundy being led to court, before his escape

Ted Bundy arrested after his escape

Ted Bundy in 1977, with a beard

Ted Bundy in court with his lawyers

Ted Bundy in court in 1979

Ted Bundy in court

Ted Bundy in court

Ted Bundy reacts emotionally to the proceedings in the Leach trial

The VW driven by Ted Bundy, that was found abandoned

Bite mark evidence displayed in court

Carol DaRonch testifying against Ted Bundy

Laura Aime, victim

Brenda Ball, victim

Margaret Bowman, victim

Georgann Hawkins, victim

Linda Healy, victim

Kimberly Leach, victim

Denise Naslund, victim

Lisa Levy, victim

Janice Ott, victim

Roberta Parks, victim

Susan Rancourt, victim

Melissa Smith, victim

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