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The Murder of Theo Van Gogh


AP Worldstream (November 5, 2004). Dutch to prosecute Islamic radical suspect in filmmaker slaying as terrorist.

AP Worldstream (November 9, 2004). Police report attempted arson at two Dutch churches.

Deutsch, Anthony (November 6, 2004). Netherlands braces for 'jihad.' Associated Press and The Washington Times.

De Vreij, Hans (November 19, 2004). Van Gogh murder: al-Qaeda links? Radio Netherlands. (November 2, 2004). Dutch PM leads tributes to Van Gogh. (November 3, 2004). Thousands make a racket at Van Gogh rally. (November 4, 2004). Van Gogh 'killer' had possible al-Qaeda links. (November 5, 2004). Van Gogh suspect 'the perfect Jihad recruit'. (November 3, 2004). Government response to Van Gogh killing planned. (November 10, 2004). Foreign Press: Risk of "Nazi pogroms." (November 10, 2004). Two arrests as Special Forces end 'terror' siege.

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Man Ruairi, Cormac (August 31, 2004). Unmasking Islamic domestic violence.

Man Ruairi, Cormac (November 5, 2004). Was it right to publish the letter?

Radio Netherlands (November 8, 2004). A climate of fear and retribution.

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Sterling, Toby (November 8, 2004) Muslim suspect in slaying was student. Associated Press.

Sterling, Toby (November 14, 2004). Dutch say alleged radical chief missing. Associated Press.

Thomas, Lesley (November 11, 2004). Guarding Holland from terrorist 'spectaculars.'

Wielaard, Robert (November 10, 2004). Normally placid Netherlands grappling with wave of violence following filmmaker's murder. AP Worldstream.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia (November 2004). Mohammed Bouyeri: Theo Van Gogh: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Pim Fortuyn: William of Orange: Johan de Witt.

Agence France Presse (January 26, 2005). Suspect in killing of Dutch filmmaker wanted to 'terrify,' prosecutor says.

AP Online. (January 26, 2005). Alleged Van Gogh killer disliked government. (January 12, 2005). New Year's Eve 'plot' to kill Dutch MP Hirsi Ali. (January 10, 2005). AIVD secrets 'leaked to Van Gogh accomplice.' (April 6, 2005). Muslim teen acquitted of planning Dutch attacks.

Financial Times (July 12, 2005).Van Gogh murder trial tests belief in Dutch justice system.

Fox News (July 12, 2005). Van Gogh Murder Suspect Confesses in Court.

Guardian Unlimited (July 11, 2005). Accused Van Gogh Killer Won't Defend Self.

Khaleej Times Online (July 12, 2005) Suspected killer of Theo van Gogh confesses that he acted on beliefs.

New York Times. (March 4, 2005). Tired of hiding, 2 Dutch legislators emerge.

BBC News (July 26, 2005). A Dutch court has sentenced a 27-year-old radical Islamist to life in prison for the November murder of controversial filmmaker (July 26, 2005). B receives life sentence. (July 14, 2005). Keep Mohammed B. in isolation, MP's demand.

Naughton, Philippe (July 26, 2005). Van Gogh killer jailed for life. Times Online 

NIS (July 15, 2005). Worries over Mohammed B. becoming 'prison prophet.'


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