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Interview with Stephen Singular

Solving the Case?

Solving the Case?

Q: Do you think the case could have been solved earlier if the Boulder police had been more efficient in their management of the crime scene?

No. Not really. The problem with the Boulder police is not that they mismanaged the crime scene. It is that ever since then they have refused to investigate the case as anything other than a domestic killing. Bungling the crime scene did not take away the fact that hard evidence from sources outside the family — blood, hair, fiber, and DNA — were still recovered from the child's body. The Boulder police have never really tried to find out where that evidence came from. So the case can't be solved.

Q: Do you think this case will ever be solved?

Not until the Boulder police change their attitude and widen their investigation. They've been given numerous leads that they've ignored, while spending $2 million of the public's money. It's time to stop assuming things and do the work they're paid to do.

Q: If it were possible for you to reopen the investigation and start over, what specific factors would you focus on?

I'd focus on the conflict surrounding John Ramsey in the immediate aftermath of the murder. And on the leads provided by the California woman. And on why the Ramseys won't touch her information, which appears to exonerate them. I'd focus on the adults around JonBenet who were behaving inappropriately before she died and I would apply some pressure to them. No known person, in my view, killed JonBenet. But known people do have information about who murdered her. You'll never get that information until you start asking the right questions and backing them up with some weight. This has never, to my knowledge, happened in Boulder. The cops there have spent all their time trying to muscle Patsy Ramsey and this has led nowhere. The best polygraphists in the country have now concluded she didn't kill her daughter or write the ransom note. So let's try something new. When the rats think the ship is starting to leak, they'll start jumping and squeaking.

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