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The Murder Trial of O.J. Simpson


Read these books for a greater understanding of the murder and the "Trial of the Century."

Dershowitz, Alan M. Reasonable Doubts. New York: Touchstone, 1996.

Darden, Christopher and Jess Walter. In Contempt. New York: Harper, 1996.

Bugliosi, Vincent. Outrage. New York: Dell Publishing, 1996.

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Lange, Tom and Phil. Vannatter with Dan E. Moldea. Evidence Dismissed. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997.

Cooley, Amanda and Bess Carrie and Marsh Rubin-Jackson with Tom Byrnes and Mike Wallace. Madame Foreman. Beverly Hills: Dove Books, 1995.

Dillon, Nancy (October 18, 2007). O.J. friend says Simpson's idea to use firearms. New York Daily News.

Reuters (October 23, 2007). Two plead guilty, will testify against O.J. Simpson.

Ryan, Harriet (October 23, 2007). O.J. Simpson's co-defendants plead guilty, plan to testify against former NFL star. Court TV.

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