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Lizzie Borden

The Cast of Characters


The Victims:

Mrs. Abby Durfee Gray Borden (1828-1892), Lizzie's stepmother
Mr. Andrew Jackson Borden (1822-1892), Lizzie's father

The Accused:

Miss Lizzie Andrew Borden (1860-1927)

The Household:

Miss Emma Borden (1849-1927), Lizzie's sister
John Vinnicum Morse (1833-1912), Lizzie's maternal uncle, visiting
Bridget ("Maggie") Sullivan (1866-1948), the Borden maid

The Judges:

Josiah C. Blaisdell, presiding judge, Second District Court
Chief Justice Albert Mason (1836-1905), Superior Court of Massachusetts
Associate Justice Caleb Blodgett (1832-1901)
Associate Justice Justin Dewey (1836-1900)

The Prosecution:

Hosea M. Knowlton (1847-1902), later Attorney General of Massachusetts
William H. Moody (1853-1917), later Attorney General of the United States, and Supreme Court Justice

The Defense:

Andrew J. Jennings (1849-1923), Borden family lawyer
George D. Robinson (1834-1896), former Governor of Massachusetts
Melvin O. Adams (1850-1920), Boston attorney

The Investigators:

Rufus B. Hilliard, City Marshal
John Fleet, Deputy Marshal
Michael Mullaly, Officer
Philip Harrington, Sergeant
Dr. William A. Dolan, Medical Examiner
Dr. Edward S. Wood, Professor of Chemistry, Harvard


Sarah Gray Whitehead, Abby Borden's younger half-sister
Abby Borden Whitehead Potter, Sarah's daughter
Hiram Harrington, Andrew Borden's brother-in-law
Luana Borden Harrington, Andrew Borden's sister
W. Walker Jubb, minister, First Congregational Church, Fall River
Edwin A. Buck, minister, Central Congregational Church, Fall River
Miss Alice Russell, friend of the Borden sisters
Mrs. Adelaide Churchill, next door neighbor
Eli Bence, drugstore clerk
Dr. Seabury W. Bowen, Borden family physician and neighbor

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