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Russell Obremski: A Killer's Luck

The Prosecution

Prosecuting Attorney Smith
Prosecuting Attorney Smith

The most damaging witness was repairing fences along Carberry Creek Road. He saw the red car with a man and a woman in it go by him. Later, the man alone in the car stopped at the Copper Store. When the witness asked the defendant where the woman was, he was told he'd taken her home, about five miles up Carberry Creek Road. The witness asked who the woman's husband was, and an annoyed Obremski responded, "John. You know John." Obremski bought a six-pack of beer and left. The witness then called a police officer, and the two of them drove up Carberry Creek Road together, looking for tire tracks in the snow. They found them, and then they found the nude body of Mrs. Ritchie, who had been dumped out. Her body had slid 25 feet down the snowy embankment. Her clothes were strewn about the area.

Police testified that Mrs. Ritchie's nylon stockings were found in the back seat of her car, glued together. Several tubes of model airplane glue were found on the floor of the hay truck as well as in the red Impala.

Cellmates testified that Obremski told them he'd made a pass at Mrs. Lowe, who had slapped him. Then he dragged her into the bedroom. When asked what he did then, he said, "What do you think I done? Bam! Bam! I'd do it again."

After calling 63 witnesses, the prosecution rested. There was no doubt that Obremski committed the murders. But his plea was "innocent by reason of insanity."

Was Obremski legally insane?


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