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Haunted Crime Scenes: The Spirits at Moon River Brewery

Ridiculous Behavior

Minis finds Stark's challenge ridiculous. Rifles are clumsy and awkward. Besides, his rifle was being repaired. Minis asks whether Stark would consider using pistols instead, requesting also that the duel be postponed until the following day.

The fiery and impulsive Stark rows over to Screven's Ferry along with his second, Thomas Wayne. At 5 pm, Stark and Wayne fire symbolic volleys into the air. Stark declares victory.

Dr. Minis hopes to put away the day with a round at the City Hotel. He walks along Bull Street, in the company of Dr. Arnold and Mr. Spalding. At the corner of Bull and Bay, they run headlong into Wayne and Stark. Stark, spoiling for a fight, reaches for a knife, but Wayne quickly pulls him away from the crowd. Arnold and Spalding usher Minis away from Stark, who shouts "let me whip the damned rascal!"

The next day, Minis hears that Stark is at the City Hotel. He enters the hotel and speaks with the manager, Mr. Mann. Mann tells Minis that Stark is upstairs. Mann excuses himself to retrieve Stark at the request of Minis.

Inside what is now the Moon River Brewery.
Inside what is now the Moon River Brewery.

Earlier in the day, the Anti-Dueling Association had sent letters to both Minis and Stark through their known seconds, Spalding and Wayne, offering arbitration. Stark, in the company of Wayne, was apparently composing his reply to the Association when Mann interrupted him. Ironically, the letter for Minis was not delivered to the Spalding residence until just after Spalding departed for the City Hotel.

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