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Murder by the Book: The Murder of Karyn Slover


After finding a button at the car lot, they exhumed Karyn's remains and found cloth with a button that resembled the one from the car lot. This allowed them to get a search warrant for the senior Slover's home.

Evidence marked at the crime scene.
Evidence marked at the crime scene.

Jeannette Slover was angered by the invasion and by some accounts, threatened to hit a detective. At the home, police found a cache of eleven firearms; Michael Slover Sr. admitted that another was missing. He could describe them all, except the missing weapon, a .22 about which he recalled few details. He did not know where it was. This, too, seemed suspicious.

Then detectives re-examined Michael Slover Jr.'s alibi, which they had found suspiciously detailed. He had recalled everything he ate in a restaurant that evening, whom he saw, and how much he paid for his dinner. He was able to recount his movements from 3:00 p.m. throughout the rest of the evening, as if he had been intent on building an alibi. He had also phoned Karyn before she left work that day. A co-worker reported that her mood at that point had shifted from ebullience over her modeling job to anger. She advised her caller that she was going to leave the state, and then told the co-worker that the person with whom she had just spoken was Michael Slover Jr.

Michael Slover Sr.'s worksite
Michael Slover Sr.'s worksite

His parents had no alibi, apart from each other's corroboration. Michael Slover Sr., had gone to his used-car lot that evening, he claimed, and then came home to watch television.

Suddenly, it seemed to detectives that a plausible scenario was forming: Karyn had threatened to leave with her son, Michael had called his parents, who knew Karyn was coming over, and they quickly formed a plan to rid themselves of her so they could take over Kolten's custody.

There was one more piece of evidence they had yet to pursue.

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