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Unholy Homicide, Part 2

Reverend Ryan Erickson

Rev. Ryan Erickson
Rev. Ryan Erickson

During December of 2004, Wisconsin authorities discovered the body of Reverend Ryan Erickson dead in a hallway between his church and rectory at St. Mary of the Seven Dolors.  Erickson's death was later ruled a suicide.  Prior to his death Erickson was identified by police as the prime suspect in a 2002 double homicide in Hudson, Wisconsin.  As of this writing the case is still under investigation and Erickson remains a viable suspect.

Some might find it difficult to perceive of a minister, priest or nun as a murderer. To that the Reverend William Swing, Bishop of the Diocese of California, was recently quoted by as saying: "Moses was a murderer and ended up being one of the three most important persons in the history of religion...The Church needs to keep in mind that its leadership comes from unexpected places."  Perhaps Reverend Swing is correct, however if the victims mentioned in this story could speak, I doubt they would agree.


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