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Haunted Crime Scenes: Conrad Aiken House

The Voices


By Katherine Ramsland

In the empty room, we sat on the wooden floor and pressed for information.  To one question that Tori asked me, we received a distinct, "Yes!"  That hadn't been my response.  In fact, I was across the room and whoever had responded was very close to the microphone.  Then while we were discussing logistics (with the recorder running), we caught another voice, a whisper, that said, "Do you want to know what I know."  We did, indeed, but could not induce whoever had whispered to tell us more.

Later in the basement, when we asked for a name, we recorded what sounded like a child whispering, "Ho."  Fairly quickly after that, another voice — a different one — said, "Who's the girl?"   However, we didn't know about that one until after we'd applied the software and amplified the volume. 

Our time there drew to an end with nothing further that we could hear, so we packed up and left.  It didn't surprise me to get four distinct voices there.  Not only was it the scene of violence but we were situated across from the rather sizable Colonial Park Cemetery.  Contrary to Hollywood myths, there's not reason why spirits must stay in place.  I would expect they're passing in and out of any of the homes in that area.

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