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The Wichita Horror

Ordeal by Rape

All five took their clothes off.

The shorter man left his partner to guard the victims while he checked out the house.

"Do you have any money?" the taller gunman asked the now-naked group.

Eager to cooperate, the desperate victims begged him to "take our money!"

He asked who had ATM cards. Each victim raised a hand and told him the amount. Lights were switched on in the living room area.

"Where's the safe?" the taller man asked.

The men who lived there said there was no safe and the robber replied, "In a house this nice there has to be a safe!"

The shorter man returned to the room. Muller and H.G. were ordered to go to the wet bar area located just outside Jason's bedroom.

A hideous sexual orgy began. The women were commanded to perform oral sex and digital penetration on each other. Then Muller was taken back to the bedroom and Heyka ordered into the wet bar where he was told to have sexual intercourse with H.G. Unable to get an erection, he forced his soft penis into her.

The intruder expressed anger over Heyka's inability to get an erection.

Heyka was told to stop, then led out of the room. Befort was brought into the wet bar and ordered to have intercourse with H.G. He pushed his flaccid organ into her vagina.

Then one of the intruders said, "That's his girl. Don't let him do it with his girl."

He was returned to the bedroom and Sander brought into the wet bar and told to have sex with H.G. "I can't do it," he pleaded. They told him he had to and one of them hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun.

Sander pushed his limp penis into H.G.'s vagina and went through the motions of intercourse.

The attackers directed H.G. to leave the bar area. She accompanied them back to the bedroom. They ordered her into the closet where she joined Befort and Heyka. The victims were told not to speak. The folding doors of the closet were shut on three naked, frightened people.

Muller and Sander were commanded to go to enter the wet bar.

The intruders again ordered Sander to get an erection and again he said he could not. He was told he had until 11:54 to "get hard." The angry captor counted the minutes from 11:52 to 11:54.

When the time was up, the man beat Sander, probably with a golf club from the residence.

They took Sander to the closet and ordered Befort out of it. During that time, H.G. could hear Muller moaning in pain. Some minutes passed and Befort was brought back to the closet.

The intruders led Heyka out of the closet and ordered him to have intercourse with Muller.

When he was brought back to the closet, the attackers told the victims they were going to ATM machines to withdraw funds. The victims were allowed out of the closet and told to get their car keys. In their confusion, Heyka, H.G., and Muller were unable to find them. Angered, the captors threatened to "pop" someone unless they located their keys.

Befort found the keys to his silver Dodge Dakota truck atop the entertainment center in his room.

H.G. was able to see the intruders more clearly. The taller man wore a black coat she thought was made of leather. He also had black leather gloves on his hands. The shorter man had what she called "poofy" hair styled in clumps.

Befort was ordered to dress and accompany the taller man while the shorter guarded the other four.

The captor staying behind ordered H. G. to prepare herself for sex. She complied, masturbating to try to get her vagina lubricated. While she was on the floor, she heard him unzipping his pants and saw his gun lying about two feet away from her. Her hand itched to grab it but she feared she would not be quick enough to get it before he could. Having little experience with firearms, she was uncertain she would even be able to shoot it. She thought he might take it away from her and kill her right then so she did not take the chance. H.G. had made up her mind that no matter what humiliations she had to endure, she was going to survive this ordeal if it was at all possible.

She was raped for about five minutes. Then he took her back to the closet and brought Muller out of it. The captives obeyed the order not to talk but Sander could not help weeping as he heard Muller's pained moans.

The taller man returned to the house with Befort in tow. Befort was ordered to strip again. In the closet, for the first time, a tearful Sander disobeyed the order not to speak to his fellow victims. He whispered to Heyka: "Do you think they're going to kill us?" Heyka did not respond.

Heyka was allowed to dress, then taken from the home.

When he was brought back, the taller man opened the closet door and asked, "Who's next?"

H. G. stood up. Sander said, "No, I'll go." But he sat down when H.G. continued making preparations for her trip. She was not permitted to get fully dressed as the men had been but was allowed to put on only a sweater. She walked into the freezing night naked from the waist down, her bare feet in the snow.

The kidnapper escorted her to Befort's truck. Without speaking, he waved a gloved hand at the driver's side door to indicate that she should drive. She backed the truck out of the icy driveway and turned towards 127th Street.

He asked her what his crime partner had done with her and she said he had forced her to have sex with him.

The captor laughed. "Did you like it?" he asked.

"Yes," the victim replied, hoping not to anger him.

He asked if she had ever been with a black man before and H.G. said she had not. Then he asked if the rapist was "better" than her boyfriend was. Again she said, "yes."

Did she like being with a girl? He wanted to know.

"No," she replied.

"Baby, that's all right," he said, "you ain't got to lie to me."

H.G. drove without speaking, then blurted out, "Are you going to shoot us?"

"No," he replied.

"You know," a desperate H.G. continued, "you can have whatever you want. Please don't hurt us. Do you promise you're not going to shoot us or kill us?"

"Yeah," he said.

She stopped the truck in front of a drive-up ATM machine then rolled the window down on her side of the vehicle and started to use her card to withdraw money. The man put his gloved hand on her sex organ and rubbed. Startled, H.G. fell against the window. When she recovered her balance, she handed him the money.

Then she drove in silence while he channel surfed the radio.

Sometime during the trip, he told H.G. he wished the two had met under different circumstances. He said she was cute and he thought the two of them would have hit it off.

"Yeah, me too," she said.

He swore when asking her what she meant.

"Well, I'm not really having a good time," she explained honestly.

H.G. parked the truck in the driveway at 12727 Birchwood Dr. The pair walked back into the house. He ordered Sander to accompany him.

Muller was sitting on the floor by the wet bar area. She was the only one of the victims who would not be taken to an ATM that night. H.G. did not make eye contact with Muller but remembered her as looking "spaced out, shocked."

After the shorter captor walked H.G. to the closet and put her in with Heyka and Befort, he shut the door on the three.

"What is Weller's?" he asked Muller.

"It's whiskey," she replied.

There were the sounds of a drink being made. The closet door opened and the intruder asked if anyone wanted a drink. All three said they did not. He had found a muzzle for Nikki in her basket under the sink and threw that in the closet. H.G. put it on her dog as he shut the closet door.

There were sounds like a jug full of change being shaken. The captor asked, "Whose is this?"

Muller told him it was probably H.G.'s but "she doesn't know about it yet."

It was the diamond ring with which Befort had planned to surprise her.

Eventually Sander and the other captor returned to the home.

The taller captor summoned H.G. from the closet and took her to the dining room. He noticed her earrings. "What are those?" he asked.

"They're fake," she said. "You know, you can have them if you want them." She pulled them off her ears.

"No, I don't want them," he replied.

She left the earrings on top of a stack of boxes containing Christmas decorations.

Then he said something she could not remember but that scared her, causing her to jerk.

"Relax," he said. "We're not going to shoot you yet."

Terror seized her at this betrayal of the promise of not shooting them at all.

He ordered her to get down on all fours. Then he raped her, first vaginally and then orally.

After these rapes, the man made H.G. accompany him to the bathroom where his partner was raping Muller. "Hold on," the rapist in the bathroom said, "I'm not done."

When he was "done," he indicated with a motion that H.G. should come into the bathroom with him. Then he raped her. For the first time, H.G. noticed that the shorter man was wearing a black leather jacket, an orange and black FUBU sweater, jeans, and tan hiking boots.

After this rape, H.G. thought he might have removed a condom although she never saw it but only heard him flush the toilet.

Then the women were directed to exit the bathroom and go to the area of the wet bar and sit on the floor. The invaders spoke softly between themselves. The taller man went downstairs, then came back up. The two whispered again and H.G. made out the words "big screen."



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