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The Kray Twins: Brothers in Arms


These are some of the books to read about the Kray twins:

Webb, Billy., Running with the Krays (1996), London, Format.

Pearson, John., The Profession of Violence (1972), London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

Morton, James., Gangland (1992), London, Little, Brown & Co.

Fry, Colin., The Kray Files (1998), London, Mainstream Publishing.

Dinage, Fred., Kray, Ron & Reg., Our Story (1988), London, Sidgewick & Jackson.

Kray, Ron., Born Fighter (1990), London, Century.

Kray, Charles., & McGibbon, Robin., Me & My Brothers (1988), London, Grafton Books.

Lambrianou, Tony., & Clerk, Carol., Inside the Firm (1992), London, Smith, Gryphon.

Kray, Charlie., & Fry, Colin., Doing the Business (1999), London, Blake Publishing.

Campbell, John., The Underworld (1994), London, BBC Books.

Sparrow, Gerald., The Great Intimidators (1972), London, John Long.


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