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Shondor Birns & Danny Green: Cleveland's Killer Celebrities

'I'm Not Hard to Find'

Interviewed on television, Greene denied any knowledge of the underworld war.

But he added, "If these maggots in this so-called Mafia want to come after me, I'm over here by the Celtic Club. I'm not hard to find."

The Mob leaders seethed. They had been made to look foolish in the eyes of Mafia families around the country.

Ray Ferritto's "contract" provided that if he succeeded in killing Greene, he would be "made" — sworn into the Mafia with the oath of omerta — and would get a percentage of the rackets in Youngstown and nearby Warren.

Pasquale "Butchy" Cisternino and Ronnie "the Crab" Carabbia were assigned to keep a close watch on Greene's office and try to pin down his routine.

Ronnie 'the Crab' Carabbia
Ronnie 'the Crab' Carabbia

Ferritto's first attempts were no more successful than those before him. The closest he came was when he planted a bomb in the bushes around Greene's home and office. He had second thoughts when he realized it might kill a number of Greene's neighbors. He retrieved the bomb.

Finally, the Mob got the break it had been looking for:

Danny Greene had a loose filling.

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