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Book Titles by Robert Ressler

Book Titles by Robert Ressler

Whoever Fights Monsters - My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI

is an informative and insightful account of Ressler's 30-year FBI career and the development of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. Ressler's numerous interviews with convicted killers (e.g., David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy), use of behavioral sciences principles, and many years of detective experience have given him an uncanny ability to ``read'' a crime scene and develop a criminal profile of the offender. His involvement in multiple serial killer investigations gives the reader an insider's view into police work.

I Have Lived In the Monster

Delving deeper than ever before into the criminal mind, Ressler recounts his years since leaving the FBI, working as an independent criminal profiler on some of the most famous serial murder cases of our day.

Ingeniously piecing together clues from crime scenes, along with killing patterns and methods, Ressler explains his role in assisting the investigations of such perplexing international cases as England's Wimbledon Common killing, the ABC Murders in South Africa, and the deadly gassing of Japan's subway. We're also witness to Ressler's fascinating, in-depth interviews with John Wayne Gacy, the first and last one America's most prolific serial killer would ever grant, plus a shockingly candid discussion with "cannibal killer" Jeffrey Dahmer.

Daring to understand the depraved minds of serial killers, Robert K. Ressler returns from the deepest abyss with an unforgettable account that is as riveting as it is shocking.

Justice is Served

This is the true story of Ressler's determined efforts to prove Cleveland judge Robert Steele guilty of arranging the murder of his wife Marlene in 1969. A young FBI agent, Ressler's investigation led him into the lives of politicians, prostitutes, pimps, gamblers, and murders in a world of greed, sex-for-pay and multiple betrayals. Martin's Press.

Sexual Homicide -- Patterns and Motives

This authoritative book represents the data, findings, and implications of a long-term F.B.I.-sponsored study of serial sex killers. Specially trained F.B.I. agents examined thirty-six convicted, incarcerated sexual murderers to build a valuable new bank of information which reveals the world of the serial sexual killer in both quantitative and qualitative detail. Data was obtained from official psychiatric and criminal records, court transcripts, and prison reports, as well as from extensive interviews with the offenders themselves.

Crime Classification Manual

This landmark book classifies the three major feloniesmurder, arson, and sexual assaultbased upon the motivation of the offender, standardizing in one place, for the first time, the language and terminology used throughout the criminal justice system. A decade in development, this work forms the basis of contemporary investigative "profiling," the highly acclaimed strategy enabling law enforcement personnel to solve a crime by generating a "profile" of the suspect. This will provide police officers and other law enforcement personnel, as well as mental health professionals, in any size community, access to the same information as used by the FBI to coordinate their investigations

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