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Serial Murder: Future Implications for Police Investigations

Issues on Appeal

Theodore Bundy raised over twenty separate issues on appeal. For purposes of this report, four issues relate specifically to the solvability factors in his cases.

Bundy's separate points on appeal were

(1) that the eyewitness identification of Nita Neary should have been excluded because prior to trial she was hypnotized for the purpose of improving the quality and detail of her recollection of the man she saw leaving the sorority house;17

(2) that his right to due process of law was violated because an impermissibly suggestive photographic selection procedure was used which affected Ms. Neary's testimony to Bundy's prejudice;18

(3) that the trial court erred in denying his motion to sever counts six and seven, which pertained to the crimes that occurred at the Cheryl Thomas apartment, from the remaining counts;19 and

(4) that the trial court erred in permitting the state to present testimony of dental experts who analyzed the bite inflicted on murder victim Lisa Levy and compared it to models of Bundy's teeth.20

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