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The Murder of Daniel Williams

An Investigative Setback

When the report came in from the Firearms Unit, detectives in both cases went back to developing their victim timelines. The murders weren't connected.

"The bullet fragments fired in the Daniel Williams case were compared microscopically to the bullets from the Hollenbeck homicide," Doreen Hudson says. "Examining the land and groove impressions, we were able to determine that these were fired from different guns."

Meaning also that the killings were not likely the work of some new serial killer with a thing for transvestites.

In Daniel's case, investigators were left with little more than what they had found in his apartment, mostly just a collection of telephone numbers.

The detectives subpoenaed the subscriber information for each phone number and contacted the subscribers.

One number came back to a substance abuse center where Daniel had undergone counseling for his drug and alcohol problems. Counselor Kenneth Butler provided the detectives with background information about Daniel. He also put them in touch with a friend of Daniel's: Joanna, a woman he had met at the rehab center.

When the detectives tracked down Joanna, she told them Daniel had a boyfriend, a man named Ron, whose last name she didn't know. Daniel and Ron had a rocky relationship, according to Joanna. Daniel had told her he was afraid of Ron.

Suddenly, the mysterious Ron became the investigators' primary focus, but once again, they were in for another surprise.


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