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Tyson Tomko
Tyson Tomko
Former WWE star Tyson Tomko was arrested in Florida on October 10, 2011, after allegedly stealing 210 Oxycodone pills from a CVS pharmacy. According to the police report, Tomko first told the pharmacist that he had lost his prescription, then when that didn't work, threatened the pharmacist into handing over the painkillers.

Tomko then went to a nearby Chili's restaurant, where, according to the police report, he asked the waitress for a spoon. When she gave him a teaspoon, he asked for a "deeper spoon," then retired with it into the restroom, where he stayed for nearly 40 minutes. Restaurant staff called police, who walked into the restroom to find Tomko with blood and needle marks on his arm flushing something down the toilet. Tomko was arrested and charged with robbery.
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