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Real-life crime and the cast of HBO’s “The Wire”

The cast of “The Wire” has had more than its fair share of drama away from the set of the HBO show.

The CSI Syndrome

Jurors’ preconceptions can be as decisive to the outcome of a trial as the evidence presented. An examination of the CSI Syndrome, the theory that criminal procedural dramas like C.S.I. have affected not only the behavior of criminals, but also jurors who determine their innocence or guilt.

Rust Cohle’s OkCupid Profile

True Detective’s Rust Cohle has an OKCupid profile. Sort of.

‘Breaking Bad’ party contest winner busted on drug charges

Ryan Lee Carroll got to see the final episode of Breaking Bad before everyone else when he won a private viewing party invite with the cast in Hollywood. But now Carroll may be trying to keep the high going after the show’s conclusion: He and a buddy were arrested for drug possession and other charges in Florida.

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