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Slideshow: Wrestling with the law

Pro wrestlers’ tussle with the law.

Slideshow: Psychics arrested

In retrospect, maybe they should have seen it coming.

The not-so secret history of Courtney Love

Singer, actress and plastic-surgery success story, Love, has had her share of legal troubles too, and has responded to them with more than her share of bizarre courtroom antics.

Slideshow: Schoolteachers in the slammer

Teachers’ entanglements with the law.

Celebrity chefs in hot water

In our time chefs have gone from living in relative obscurity to living in the limelight. With fame comes fortune and mugshots, and we’re here to keep tabs on who’s getting in the soup.

Slideshow: Porn Stars’ predicaments

Porn stars and their run-ins with the law.

Slideshow: Rap sheet

Check out more rap stars who’ve had trouble with the law.

Slideshow: The good wives

Political wives who chose to stand by their men amidst publicized indiscretions and scandal.

Most insanely complex celebrity divorces

The course of celebrity love never did run smooth — so just imagine how bad divorce can get.

Slideshow: What a drag

Cross-dressing criminals.

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