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Drunk woman tries to steal car with officers inside

It’s not clear whether it was theft, drunkenness, or an overdeveloped sense of self-entitlement, but  a drunk Pittsburgh woman leaving a nightclub around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, reportedly got into an occupied unmarked police car, and tried to drive off with it. Ria Buford, 32, did not get very far, luckily. According to the two plainclothes [...]

Slideshow: Weirdest weapons

If your weapon is stupid, strange and/or just plain weird, but it gets the job done, maybe it isn’t so stupid after all.

Scam alert: Man orders penis enlarger, gets magnifying glass

No joke. Not a photo of a penis enlarger, not an empty box that used to contain a penis enlarger, he got a magnifying glass with the warning: Do not use in sunlight.

Seattle man pooped behind precinct, placed it in bag and set it ablaze

Seattle is known as a clean city. Everything in its place: newspapers and empties in the recycling bin; cigarette butts stubbed out and placed in the trash. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one Seattle man, who took a dump behind the police station, was trying to properly dispose of his poop when he caught officers’ attention.

Robbers hold up gas station, then sell gas for hours

Instead of leaving the crime scene as quickly as possible, as robbers typically do once they’re done robbing you at gunpoint, these three suspects locked the injured clerk in the bathroom, and proceeded to serve the station’s customers for the next two hours.

Buddhist monk caught shoplifting beef jerky

It was April 10, 2014, and a Buddhist monk was apparently experiencing a serious jones for jerked meat. Many Taiwanese were shocked when the sworn vegetarian was caught on camera not only stealing, but stealing beef jerky from a store near the Zen Buddhist temple in Nantou.

Woman mistakes pepper spray for deodorant, injures two

Police in Würzburg, Germany are considering charges against a woman whose decision to freshen up in the washroom at a local nightclub wound up temporarily shutting down the club, and injuring two other women.

Chainsaw-wielding guy with flower pot on head robs convenience store

A 19-year-old Australian man is in custody after allegedly robbing a convenience store on February 10, 2014, with a flower pot on his head, while threatening employees with a running chainsaw, and mooning them.

Florida man calls 911 when police detain him, reports a kidnapping

There are probably many ways of getting out of an arrest, but one surefire way to get yourself locked up in no time is to repeatedly call 911 saying that you are being kidnapped by police. 911 operators across the country, no doubt hope that Sean Slocum, 21, of West Palm Beach learned this valuable lesson Saturday.

Man allegedly ran through Bingo hall, pants down, yelling ‘Bingo!’

Deharra Waters was arrested after allegedly running though a hall full of serious Bingo players, with his pants down yelling “Bingo!” and rattling patrons and employees alike. We don’t know if the players were rattled because of Waters’ behavior, because they thought they lost, or because he tricked them into thinking that they lost.

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