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Ugly French tourists wanted for luring, kicking squirrel into Grand Canyon

Needless to say the little guy didn’t make it. The tourists are described as two French-speaking men, wearing only cowboy hats and boxer shorts. The stunt was obviously intended to be funny, but provoked outrage from onlookers, who were as surprised at the men’s actions as was the hapless squirrel, who was friendly and accustomed to humans.

Man and woman fight, rabbit gets it

An argument between a Florida man, and his now-ex girlfriend on June 27, 2014, over women’s rights, reportedly became so heated the man took his rage out on her pet rabbit, and nearly killed it.

Woman sentenced to 10 years for animal snuff porn

Ashley Richards was sentenced today to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to making fetishist “hard crush” videos. “Hard crush” fetishists get gratification from watching cute animals get tortured with knives and such, and then stomped to death by women’s feet, bare or in high heels. A look at Richards’ case and the twisted road to outlawing crush porn.

South Dakota eyes live-bait ban for fur trappers

More and more hikers are reportedly coming across bait cats, rabbits and birds suffering or dead in traps, and are complaining about it.

Woman arrested for performing fatal C-section on dog without anesthesia

In a strange and disturbing case out of Florida, a woman has been charged with felony animal cruelty for allegedly performing surgery on a dog and killing it. Disturbing because the animal suffered terribly, and strange because the suspect is now saying that the dog is hers, and it’s fine, while the dog’s owner isn’t saying anything.

Florida man kills his dog with pick axe for showing ‘bad energy’

Galen Aune adopted a one-year-old pit bull named Nelly. It didn’t end well. Neighbors reported him abusing the dog two months ago, and again this month. This time when cops showed he reportedly said, “Oh, not a problem anymore the dog is dead. I killed it.” Nelly was a year and nine months old.

Ontario humane society seek person who shot cat 17 times

Animal rescuers in Ontario are seeking the public’s help in tracking down the perpetrator in what’s being called a “horrific animal cruelty” case. The Sarnia and District Humane Society received a male cat who’d suffered an unspeakable assault: the poor feline had been shot in the head with a shocking 17 pellets.

Two arrested for shooting injured cat like skeet pigeon

Specifically, two Texas men were arrested after police say on January 18, 2014, they tossed an injured cat into the air and shot it with a shotgun, rather than taking it to a vet.

Police in Chicago search for woman who may have dumped gator at O’Hare

Authorities in Chicago may have a lead on the person who ditched a live, immature alligator at O’Hare airport on November 1. The person in this surveillance still was seen riding a train to the airport with a live, immature alligator under her arm.

Peruvian judge bans annual cat eating festival

The town of La Quebrada, about two hours south of Lima, will not be hosting it’s annual La Festival Gastronomico del Gato (The Gastronimic Festival of the Cat) after a judge decided to put a stop to the town’s feline feast held in honor of St. Iphigenia.

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