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Somebody confessed to a murder online and indicated a location of the body

Update 1 p.m. EST: Salinas police announced that online murder confession was a hoax, that Romero is alive and accounted for, even though she is still listed as missing online.

An anonymous user on the chat site Omegle listed geographic coordinates and a message saying the body of missing girl named Julissa Romero would be found there.

Julissa Romero is listed as missing on the National Center for Missing and Exploiting Kids website:

Romero has been missing since April 23rd 2014, about three and a half months.

The location listed by the poster is about 95 miles from Salinas, California where the 12-year-old lived and went missing.

Users on the site have contacted the Salinas Police Department and the police in the region of the ocordinates, near Hayward, CA are investigating.

Omegle is a web site that allows anonymous strangers to make comment other anonymous users. However; it is possible that Omegle could trace the IP address of the original poster.

The poster claims to have stabbed Romero 17 times. The confession appeared as this message:





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