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Cast member from “The Wire” stabbed in D.C. nightclub

Anwan Glover

Anwan Glover, the actor who played Slim Charles in HBO’s “The Wire,” was stabbed in a Washington D.C. nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Glover was kicked and beaten during a allegedly unprovoked attack at a venue called Café Asia. Glover was treated for his injuries at George Washington University Hospital and then discharged to recover at home.

Glover also played “Cape” in the 2013 movie “12 Years a Slave.”

Glover grew up in the tough D.C. neighborhood of Columbia Heights, where he was reportedly shot 13 times in his youth. His brother died from a Columbia Heights shooting in 2007 and his son survived a shooting at a party there in 2011.

Glover supports several anti-violence campaigns and is outspoken about violence and his experience as a young man growing up in Columbia Heights.

Despite the latest round of violence, Glover wrote on Instagram that he is “always going to love” Washington and thanked fans and friends for their well wishes.

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Glover’s Instagram account describes the incident:

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