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The Game Begins

Finney and his detectives were impressed, despite their doubts. They had drawn some of Dr. Brussel's conclusions themselves through traditional detecting and nothing in the profile contradicted any of their own beliefs about the bomber. Additionally, as Dr. Brussel developed his profile, he became more and more confident in his conclusions and the confidence was infectious.

Once they had the profile, Finney asked Dr. Brussel what they should do with it. Specific as it was, there were probably hundreds of men who fit it and only one bomber.

"I think you ought to publicize the description I've given you. Publicize the whole Bomber investigation, in fact. Spread it in the newspapers, on radio and television," suggested Dr. Brussel.

Finney was taken aback as it was standard procedure to keep details of the case out of the papers.

"I think there's a chance he'll come forward by himself if we handle him right. I think he wants to be found out," said Dr. Brussel.

Dr. Brussel continued to argue with the detectives the bomber wanted publicity and wanted credit for his work. He was outraged by the newspapers not publishing his letters, and he would be further outraged at the idea of some clever psychiatrist trying to find him out. Dr. Brussel predicted that if, in fact, anything was wrong with the profile the bomber wouldn't be able to resist telling the police and media about the error. Even if the profile was on target, the bomber might be goaded into revealing details that could lead the police to him.

Dr. Brussel won the argument and despite the fact that Finney believed that they would be dealing with "a million crackpots" in addition to the real bomber he agreed to Dr. Brussel's plan.

As Finney and his detectives left the office, Dr. Brussel couldn't resist making one more conclusion about their bomber. A neat, conservative man he would be wearing the safest and most conservative clothes of the day in the neatest possible way.

"One more thing," said Dr. Brussel with his eyes dramatically closed, "When you catch him and I have no doubt you will he'll be wearing a double-breasted suit."

After a shocked exclamation from one of the detectives, Dr. Brussel continued.

"And it will be buttoned."

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