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Boris Solomatin Interview

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A: Our countries should set limits - what can be done and what cannot be done in intelligence. There should be in existence a moral and ethical code which should apply to all countries. For instance, we should fully renounce such methods as using force to recruit somebody.

Q: Do you mean threatening them?

A: Yes, physical threats, blackmail. All this should be excluded. We should end the use of psychotropic medicines. We should not use desperate covert actions which can and often do disturb the whole world. I'm talking about the overthrowing of governments and assassinations of world leaders, extreme propaganda campaigns, terrorism. I should say that many of these actions are hardly put into practice now, especially by the new Russian intelligence.

Q: You think the CIA uses such techniques?

A: Read your history books. Your own congressional investigations showed that they did. But most practices like these are rare today. It's my opinion. You may or may not agree with me. But I think so. I know how it worked when I was in charge and how it works now. My point is this. It would be good to have some sort of recognized standards for worldwide intelligence operations for all the nations to follow in defending their national interests.

Q: Some people say that the United States and Russia should sign an agreement not to spy on each other. My country does not spy on some of its allies, such as Great Britain.

A: This is foolish talk. It is nonsense. Why? Because such an agreement is not possible. First of all, the world is interconnected. Supposing, we sign such an agreement. Aren't you forgetting that the United States is part of NATO. Is Great Britain or Holland, for instance, going to stop spying on us too, or will it not simply exchange this information with the U.S. through NATO. That is why such an idea is a fantasy. If such an agreement were signed, it would lead to worldwide scandals and conflicts because no one would follow it and when they were caught, there would be even more outrage and repercussions.



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