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The Rosenbergs: A Case of Love, Espionage, Deceit and Betray


Much has been written on the Rosenberg Case. A quick perusal of a public library will produce at least two dozen books, all of or a significant portion of deal with the Rosenbergs. Works sympathetic to Julius and Ethel are numerous, often suggesting a conspiracy on the part of the government, which is, in certain respects, true. Others, particularly those that are more recent, present evidence that the Rosenbergs were indeed guilty. Many of the latter are bolstered in their positions by Freedom of Information Act revelations, or by accounts and information obtained from recently released KGB files and personal accounts from Russian principals, both sources resulting from the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Whether authors are supportive of the Rosenbergs' innocence or guilt, almost all agree that their executions were unwarranted.

Copies of theRosenberg Letters: A Complete Edition of the Prison Correspondence of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, as was stated earlier, can be found in the two volumes produced by their sons, Michael and Robert Meeropol.

The Crime Library particularly recommends two books presently in print: Ilene Philipson's psychobiography of Ethel Rosenberg, andRosenberg File, by Radosh and Milton. Both books are available in paperback editions. Several other volumes not currently in print that shed light on this case can be found in used bookstores for nominal amounts. Among these are the books by Lamphere and Nizer. The first describes the investigative process, the second analyzes the legal proceedings. Both have vivid depictions of people and events.

At least two novels have been written on the Rosenberg Case. The most well known is the one by E.L. Doctorow,Book of Daniel which has also been made into a film.

The second is by Tema Nason,Ethel; The Fictional Autobiography.

In addition to the 1983 film of Doctorow's novel, now entitled "Daniel," the Discovery Channel has produced "The Rosenberg File" (1997), and Court TV will telecast "The Rosenberg Trial" in October, 1998.

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