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John Wilkes Booth: The Story of Abraham Lincoln's Murderer


Information for this biography of John Wilkes Booth has come from many sources. Theories surrounding the Lincoln assassination continue to change, and new information on Booths early years occasionally surfaces. Sometimes trying to separate facts from romance is difficult. The following list of titles is not inclusive of the "best" sources of the assassination itself, but rather on the man Booth. Concentrating on him and his family, not his infamous deed that is, not on the oft-complex reasons why he did what he did I referred to works that most thoroughly examine the psyche of the central character. These are listed by alphabetical order:

Bak, Richard Day Lincoln Was Shot: An Illustrated Chronicle.

Bishop, Jim The Day Lincoln Was Shot. New York: Harper & Row, 1964.

Chamlee, Roy Z. Lincoln's Assassins: A Complete Account of Their Capture, Trial, & Punishment.

Clarke, Asia Booth The Unlocked Book. New York: Arno Press, 1971.

Furstwangler, Albert Assassin on Stage. Chicago & Urbana, IL: The University of Illinois Press, 1991.

Gutman, Richard J.S. & Kellie O. John Wilkes Booth Himself. Dover, MA: Hired Hand Press, 1979.

Kimmell, Stanley The Mad Booths of Maryland. New York: Dover Publications, 1969.

Reck, W. Emerson, A. Lincoln: His Last 24 Hours

Smith, Gene American Gothic; The Story of America's Legendary Theatrical FamilyJunius, Edwin, and John...

Weichmann, Lewis J. (Risvold, Floyd J., ed.) A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy Trial of 1865. New York: Alfred E.Knopf, Inc., 1975.



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