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Thrill Kill: The Murder of Kimberly Cates

Quinn Glover and William Marks

Quinn Glover
Quinn Glover
Glover's attorney managed a plea deal. In exchange for the possibility of Glover seeing daylight unfiltered by prison bars, Glover pleaded guilty to burglary, robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary. He received a sentence of 20 to 40 years. Glover's squeamishness in the face of the inhumanity displayed by Spader and Gribble may have changed his life.

William Marks' future is still undetermined. Following Glover's lead, Marks worked out a pleaarrangement. In exchange for a 30 to 60 year sentence Marks agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, accomplice to first-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit burglary. According to The Telegraph, "Judge Gillian Abramson rejected the plea deal, saying it did not satisfy the goals of sentencing, which include deterrence, rehabilitation and segregation from the community." Marks subsequently withdrew his guilty plea, though he has so far honored his agreement to cooperate in the prosecution of Steven Spader and Christopher Gribble. Judge Abramson will convene Marks'trial in June 2011.

William Marks
William Marks

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