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The Murder of Maureen Cosgrove


St. Philomena's Catholic School for Girls, Carshalton
St. Philomena's Catholic School for
Girls, Carshalton
Maureen Cosgrove had been a teaching assistant at St. Philomena's Catholic School for Girls in Carshalton, and had volunteered regularly at Seaton House, a girls' preparatory school. She and her husband had a long-standing relationship with the schoolTerence had acted as treasurer and Maureen had assisted with the school's finances. Both were well-liked, and Maureen was particularly popular in the local community and was known for devoting herself to her grandchildren.

"She was sweet, she was lovely," said a friend and neighbor. "She...always had time for everyone. When my husband died, she was a shoulder to cry on...she was a great friend."

Terence and Maureen were also involved in local charities, including Radio Lollipop, where they had volunteered their services for approximately 10 years, and years earlier one of their sons had worked at the Queen Mary's Hospital for Children in Carshalton.

Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton
Queen Mary's Hospital for Children, Carshalton

"They were a close family and lived close to the hospital, offering great support in the charity's formative years," said Hedley Finn, chairman of Radio Lollipop. "They were social people, although I never really got to know Mrs. Cosgrove."

Her son, John Cosgrove, characterized his mother as a "lovely, caring person" who was devoted to her family. He told investigators that his mother was the caregiver of his sister's two children.

"She looked after the children," he said. "At the time, Lucy was struggling so she helped out." As to his mother's murder, he added: "We just can't understand what has happened. It still hasn't sunk in. We are confident the police will eventually come up with an answer....She was...highly respected and did lots in the community...."

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