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Unholy Homicide, Part One

A Father Kills

Map: Soweto South Africa
Soweto South Africa

On February 4, 2003, parishioners from the Methodist Church in Soweto, South Africa were left heartbroken when their 70-year-old preacher, Reverend Samuel Kekana, was charged with the murder of his 24-year-old son.  Kekana's daughter, Queenie, brought the crime to the attention of police after a heated argument with her father.

According to the Daily Dispatch, Queenie told investigators the murder occurred in September of 1996.  She said her father stabbed her brother Moses following an argument over a radio.  He then chopped up his son's body with an axe and ordered his family to help bury the boy in the back yard of their house in Mapetla Extension, Soweto.  Kekana then had the area behind the house cemented and constructed a shed over his son's grave. 

Following Queenie's startling revelations to police, she accompanied them to her father's house and pointed out the area where her brother was buried.  Within hours, investigators unearthed the mutilated skeleton and placed Reverend Kekana under arrest.  Kekana's family members told investigators they were too frightened of the preacher to come forward and neighbors claimed Moses was a well-known troublemaker, so they never thought to question his disappearance. 

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