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Hollywood dreams: The murder of Juliana Redding

Tight-lipped Cops

The information, what little there was, being revealed to the public by SMPD investigators created more questions than answers. For example, concerned citizens of Santa Monica wanted to know whether a weapon had been used to kill Juliana Redding, but the cops would not disclose that information, declaring that they needed to keep that something that only the police and the killer or killers would know.

People who lived in the neighborhood and were concerned about their own safety also wanted to know whether Juliana had been sexually assaulted or if neighbors had heard any screams or other noises indicating foul play. Again, the police would not say.

Nor would investigators talk about the evidence they collected from the crime scene, or if any of it provided a link to a suspect. They also would not say whether the blood found on the sidewalk outside Juliana's apartment had yielded any clues; instead, they asked the public for any information about the case that might help police solve it.

Did the police expect to be able to focus on a potential suspect(s) anytime soon? Was an arrest imminent? The public, especially people who resided in the neighborhood, wanted to know.

"We have made no arrests in this case nor do we have any suspects or persons of interest at this time," was all Thruston would say.

Juliana's mother spoke favorably about the police work that was being done, and echoed their sentiments about keeping most of the investigation under wraps.

"We believe the police are doing what they can to solve this case, but we really prefer no media attention," said her mother.

Despite the official reticence about the investigation, America's Most Wanted aired an episode about the case. According to AMW, Juliana had indeed died as a result of blunt force trauma, and the program added that the preliminary investigation revealed that Juliana had not been shot or stabbed. Investigators apparently also told AMW that they were reviewing DNA evidence found at the scene, including the blood evidence found on the sidewalk outside the apartment. AMW also confirmed that there had been no signs of forced entry into Juliana's apartment.


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