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Hollywood dreams: The murder of Juliana Redding

Accounts Frozen and Unanswered Questions

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson said that telephone records show that Park had called the restaurant where Juliana worked and was outside Juliana's building the night before she was killed. Jackson told Judge Schwartz that Uwaydah was the only common denominator between Park and Juliana Redding, and maintained that Park had assisted Uwaydah in running the large medical insurance fraud scam under investigation. Jackson also told the judge that Uwaydah had "bragged to people that he had a 'female James Bond' that he could rely on to take care of business."

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson
Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson

Judge Schwartz asked Jackson if he believed that Dr. Uwaydah had sent Kelly Soo Park to Juliana's apartment "to send a message or something" and whether "Ms. Redding was the recipient of that message."

"The evidence certainly suggests what the court has just put two and two together on, yes," Jackson replied.

When Schwartz asked Jackson if he considered Uwaydah a person of interest in the case, Jackson responded, "Extreme."

According to Jackson, Uwaydah "fled the jurisdiction of the United States" on the day Park was arrested. He said that Uwaydah had left the country by driving across the border, either into Canada or Mexico, and was now gone.

Since Park's arrest, it has been reported that a judge has frozen bank accounts of three individuals connected to her: those of Park's mother and two other people whose names authorities have not yet released. Park's attorney, Kay Rackauckas, confirmed that the frozen accounts were connected to Park.

"I don't know why they froze them," Rackauckas told the Los Angeles Times. "It's all a big secret."

Meanwhile, many questions remain concerning Juliana Redding's death to which answers are needed: the motive for her murder, Dr. Uwaydah's links to Juliana, the unusual payments allegedly made to Park, and his apparent flight from the country after Park's arrest for Redding's death.

Members of the FBI and SMPD are now confident that the substantial time and effort they have spent on the case will pay off, and they believe they are now closer to solving the mystery of Juliana's murder. As investigators continue to work the case, the possibility of further arrests remains and it seems only a matter of time until the questions surrounding Juliana's murder are more fully answered.

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