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Paul Everson
Paul Everson

Neither Bown nor Everson proved to be a model prisoner. According to Florida Department of Corrections spokesperson Gretl Plessinger, Bown had racked up forty-two disciplinary reports as of 2007 for infractions including destruction of state property, possession of contraband, possession of a weapon and unarmed assault. "He has often been in administrative confinement which can be solitary or being confined with just a few inmates," Plessinger said. "He's had more than the average number of transfers between institutions because he's been a disciplinary problem. Since he's often been in administrative confinement he has not had jobs throughout most of his confinement." However, prison jobs he has held include that of houseman (cleaning common areas in the dormitory), garment facility worker and laundry assistant.

Florida Department of Corrections logo
Florida Department of Corrections logo

Over the years of Bown's incarceration, the slender, silky-haired youth has become a bald, gaunt middle-aged man covered with tattoos.

Like Bown, Everson acquired many tattoos. The man who once feared having his flowing brown locks cut now keeps his head almost shaven. He looks rugged. He has had fifteen disciplinary reports on infractions ranging from lying to staff to possession of weapons as of 2007. Plessinger added, "He has been disciplinary-report-free for the last couple of years."

In 1984, Everson was given a job as an academic aide but held it for only ten days. Records show that the job was terminated because he had "unauthorized physical contact" but give no more information. "He's worked as a general laborer, cook's helper, laundry worker, houseman and library clerk," Plessinger said.

Throughout their years in prison, officials have kept Bown and Everson physically separated from each other.

Everson has become a writer during his imprisonment. A website lists his literary works but does not give extracts of them. He has written many poems and several short stories. In his short stories, he tends to favor what he calls "romantic fiction" or "fantasy romance." He has also written children's stories in rhyme. He has authored two television scripts, one entitled, "A Death in Gainesville: The Howard Appledorf Story." Neither has been produced.

The first step toward parole in Florida is an interview with a parole examiner. Everson was interviewed on May 10, 2006, and Bown was interviewed on August 2, 2006. "The parole examiners take into consideration the circumstances of the crime and the person's behavior in prison to determine when an inmate will be considered for parole," says Jane Tillman, Public Information Officer for the Florida Parole Commission." The next interview dates for both were set as January 15, 2011.

As of 2007, the presumptive parole date for Everson is September 6, 2057 when he will be 93. The presumptive parole date for Bown is September 6, 2077. If he lives to that date, he would likely set a record for oldest parolee as he would be 115.

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