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& Renewal"

Ginny stayed in New Paltz for about six weeks, giving her most visible bruises time to heal before going out to face the world again. She described this period as one of "recuperation and renewal ... and of soul-searching and some long-overdue self-assessment."

In the meantime Ginny continued to correspond with Ray in Vancouver. It was agreed she would go to Vancouver, spend some time there with him, then decide if she liked it well enough to stay. The Princess Louise II had an opening for a catering manager. Ray would hold the position open for Ginny if she wanted it. After flying out there in mid-September 1970 for the new ship's grand opening, she liked it and announced her decision to stay. The job was hers.

As the months went on, Ginny became more and more a part of Ray's social circle. However, there was a certain amount of discomfort in it, initially. They were not married and it was turning out to be a clumsy sort of arrangement, especially when Ginny had to be introduced as someone other than Ray's wife.

Their situation was made easier, though, when Ginny received word of her divorce. Jack had filed for it on his release from prison and he transferred his parole to New York where he found Ginny had gone on his return. In later years Ginny found out how furious Jack was when he found out she was no longer in New York. He wrote a letter to her parents threatening to kill her and promising to "get even if it was the last thing he ever did." Her parents didn't tell Jack of Ginny's whereabouts and they destroyed the letter.

In May 1971 Ginny and Ray were married aboard a yacht owned by one of the owners of the Princess Louise II off the British Columbia coast. Ginny described the wedding as "spectacular."


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