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The Murder of Dru Sjodin


Bakker, Ryan (December 3, 2003). 'There's no give up in this bunch.' Grand Forks Herald.

Bakker, Ryan (December 4, 2003). Again, searches come up empty. Grand Forks Herald.

Bickel, Bill. Timeline for November 22, 2003, the day of Dru Sjodin's disappearance. 

CNN (November 25, 2003). Hundreds join missing student hunt.

CNN (December 2, 2003). Man faces hearing in student's disappearance.

CNN (December 2, 2003). Police chief: 'Dru, we are coming.'

CNN (April 17, 2004). Missing student's body found.

CNN (December 9, 2003). Sjodin investigator: 'I'm not going to give up hope.' Wolf Blitzer interview.

CNN (December 10, 2003). Sheriff apologizes to missing student's father.

CNN (April 17, 2004). Police: Missing student's body found.

CNN (July 3, 2006). Trial to begin in coed abduction case.

Davis, Lisa (November 24, 2003). Police search for UND student. Grand Forks Herald.

Davis, Lisa (December 2, 2003). Dru Sjodin's family talks about their experiences. Grand Forks Herald.

Delage, Jaime, Fee, Kevin & Zhan, Xiao (December 2, 2003). Neighborhood surprised despite suspect's history. Grand Forks Herald.

Dodds, David (December 3, 2003). 'We're all impacted.' Grand Forks Herald.

Doyle, Pat, Furst, Randy & Duchschere, Kevin (July 1, 2006). A suspect's history. Star Tribune (Minnesota).

Fox News (November 26, 2003). Search on for missing N. Dakota college student.

Fox News (December 4, 2003). Rapist's case renews calls for death penalty.

Fox News (December 9, 2003). N.D. Minn. Governors offer support in Dru case.

Fox News (April 18, 2004). Missing N.D. student Dru Sjodin found.

Fox News (May 12, 2004). Rodriguez charged with Dru Sjodin kidnapping.

Gottfried, Mara H. (December 3, 2003). Rodriguez: History of a sexual predator. Grand Forks Herald.

Grand Forks Herald (December 3, 2003). Learn from mistakes.

Kolpack, Dave (July 6, 2006). Rodriguez trial: Glitch suspends jury selection. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (November 26, 2003). Law enforcement, volunteer search yields little. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (November 27, 2003). Search area expands. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (December 2, 2003). Police arrest suspect. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (December 3, 2003). Woman fought off Rodriguez in '80 attack. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (December 4, 2003). Dru's brother flies home. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (December 6, 2003). Search slows. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (July 2, 2006). Sjodin case: A look back. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J. (July 6, 2006). Jury selection begins. Grand Forks Herald.

Lee, Stephen J.  & Nadeau, Susanne (July 6, 2006). Judge calls off first day. Grand Forks Herald.

Nadeau, Susanne & Lee, Stephen J. (July 2, 2006). Key figures in the Rodriguez trial. Grand Forks Herald.

O'Keefe, Ed (April 13, 2005). Lawmakers push for federal sex offender registry. ABC News.

Robertson, Tom (April 24, 2004). Dru Sjodin laid to rest. Minnesota Public Radio.

Swing, Kristen. Dru's Life: From princess to queen to angel. 

Tran, Tu-Uyen (November 28, 2003). Sjodin's family offers love and thanks. Grand Forks Herald.

USA Today (July 27, 2005). House panel passes 'Dru's Law' in sex offender bill.

Zhang, Xiao (December 4, 2003). Rodriguez extradited. Grand Forks Herald.

Zhang, Xiao & Lee, Stephen J. (December 5, 2003). Rodriguez charged. Grand Forks Herald.


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