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The Murder of Dru Sjodin


Rodriguez's car
Rodriguez's car

Even though Dru still had not been found, investigators were able to compile enough evidence to implicate Rodriguez in her kidnapping. Rodriguez's 2002 Mercury Sable car, which was seen in mall surveillance videos on the day Dru disappeared, turned out to be a treasure trove of evidence when it was impounded by police and analyzed by a crime lab.

A search of Rodriguez's car revealed blood stains and a jackknife. After  DNA analysis, the blood stains located in several areas within the car were determined to have come from Dru. Moreover, a 4-inch jackknife was discovered in the trunk soaking in a pool of household cleaner, according to CNN. Investigators claimed that the knife matched the sheath found next to Dru's Oldsmobile.

Investigators also revealed that several days after Dru's disappearance, a shoe was found under a bridge along the Red Lake River. The black Nine West loafer was later identified by Meg Murphy, Dru's roommate, as having belonged to Dru, Fox News reported. It was the only article of clothing belonging to her that had been found during the intensive search.

Dru at a party
Dru at a party

Based on the evidence and the time that had passed since Dru's disappearance, it was unlikely that she would be found alive. Grand Forks County Sheriff Dan Hill broke the heartbreaking news to Dru's father Allan Sjodin on December 10, 2003. CNN reported that Hill apologized to Mr. Sjodin and "the two men were seen hugging and briefly shaking hands." Hill was later quoted as saying that the search for Dru was "more of a recovery than a rescue [mission] at this point in time." Dru's friends and family were clearly devastated by the news, yet refused to give up hope in finding her.


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