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The Murder of Dru Sjodin

Dru's Life Celebrated — Growing Up

Dru Sjodin
Dru Sjodin

Growing up, Dru had many hobbies, such as gymnastics, track, golf, swimming, basketball and skiing. Yet, by far her favorite way to pass the time was painting. She also enjoyed making unique gifts for friends and family members, which she gave to them on special holidays or just when she was thinking of them. She was considered to be a very thoughtful and generous person, with a vibrant personality and a contagious laugh, which is what made her so special.

In 1992, Dru and her family moved to Pequot Lakes, Minnesota where she enrolled in Pequot Lakes High School. She was just as popular there and in her final year of school she was crowned Homecoming Queen. After graduating with honors, she was accepted to the University of North Dakota, where she majored in graphic design.

According to Kristen Swing who wrote on the family web site, prior to her death Dru enjoyed spending time with her family, sorority sisters at Phi Beta, her many friends and her boyfriend Chris Lang, as well as taking vacations to Mexico, her favorite destination. Bob Heales, a family friend, told Fox News, "Dru is going to carry so many people forward and there will be so many good things done because of Dru." One of those things was the creation of Dru's Law, a bill which is a part of the "Children's Safety Act of 2005" that if passed will lead to the creation of a national data base of sex offenders available online.

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