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Investigation into the Murder of Dr. David Cornbleet

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In the wake of Peterson's arrest, David's daughter, Jocelyn, issued a written statement about her father's murder and the consequent legal entanglements.

"This is the first time I am going public in regards to my father's murder case," the statement read. "On October 24, 2006, I discovered him brutally tortured, stabbed and left murdered in his office building in downtown Chicago ... My family and friends have selflessly worked to find the monster who took my father, a loving husband and dedicated doctor, from us.

"The man who committed this brutal murder, Hans Peterson ... To date, he has been able to avoid Chicago and United States officials by flying to and hiding in the French portion of St. Martin in the Caribbean ... The United States Department of Justice has asked for his return to be tried in Illinois. However, the French government has been unwilling to extradite this American-born and raised man, even though there was an international warrant out for his arrest and he applied for and was granted French citizenship AFTER HE MURDERED MY FATHER.

"Under French law, life in prison is a maximum of 20 years, and there is no guarantee that he will even be brought to trial. This is absolutely unacceptable to my family, who has endured this nightmare. I saw the horrible atrocities this monster did to my father first-hand, and my family and I are hoping you can help us achieve justice."

Unfortunately, efforts by Jonathan's family and the United States government to extradite Peterson proved to be futile. A French judge ruled Peterson would not be extradited due to his French citizenship. Instead, French prosecutors would travel to the United States to study the evidence against Peterson prior to a trial of Peterson before a French court.

US officials are left with no legal recourse but to cooperate with French officials.

Peterson is currently being held in Guadalupe, St. Martin. As of this writing a trial date has not been set.

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