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Investigation into the Murder of Dr. David Cornbleet


In February 2007, the Chicago Police Department made public a security video from Sept. 30, 2006, which showed a man purchasing rope at a Home Depot identical to rope found at the scene of David's murder. Unfortunately, the lead did not pan out, and the person in the video was identified as someone other than the killer.

Undeterred, Jonathan took the matter into his own hands by taking the original footage for expert analysis to BEK TEK LLC, in hopes the private company might be able to refine the images.

Retired FBI agent Bruce E. Koenig founded BEK TEK LLC in 1995. According to the company's Website,, the firm is "dedicated to providing objective, scientific examinations of audio and video recordings." The company offers a variety of services, including video enhancement. Company analysts use state-of-the-art, NASA-designed technology, to improve the quality of an image, using "magnification, de-interlacing, de-convolution, filtering, masking, zoom, slow motion, looping, and gamma changes."

"I did a lot of research before selecting BEK TEK," Jonathan said. "America's Most Wanted had told me they would utilize image enhancement resources if they aired an episode about my dad, so I just thought OK, why don't I do it myself. I looked around and eventually decided on BEK TEK."

Jonathan funded the initiative and proceeded with the help of the Chicago Police Department's Area 4 Detective Division. "I was amazed by how quickly they completed the process," Jonathan said. "It was done in just two days. They are really good."

With the new footage in hand, Jonathan was certain the killer would be caught, if not through the video then through the killer's connection with his father.

"I know this is patient-related," he said. "Either he was the patient or a friend of a patient. I worked with my father for most of my life. With him being older, most of his clientele were older. He did not have a lot of young white males. I would think it was someone he worked on in the last year. I told the officers to look at the files and to take out anyone who was over the age of thirty, under the age of 18 and anybody who was female, Hispanic, Asian, etc. The person should be in the remaining list.

"Until they catch the guy, I'll just keep plugging away doing whatever I have to do to see that my father's killer is brought to justice."

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