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Christa Worthington


Not long after her move to Truro, Christa began a relationship with a shellfish constable and married father of six, Tony Jackett, 51. The affair lasted off and on for around two years. Then, in 1998, what Christa would later describe as "a miracle" happened: She learned that she was pregnant.

When Tony was informed about the pregnancy, he was deeply concerned that it would spell doom for his marriage. An article by Franci Richardson in the Boston Herald quoted Tony, who said, "I wasn't looking to end my marriage but I am human. It was her choice to have the baby." Consequently, he ended his relationship with Christa.

Tony Jackett
Tony Jackett

Not long afterwards, Christa became involved with Tim Arnold. Tim was quoted in the Boston Herald saying that he thought she was "really intelligent and sometimes caustic and quick and wittyjust really full of life." However, the relationship did not last, because Christa believed they were incompatible. They remained good friends.

Tragedy struck in May 1999, when Christa's mother died after a long battle with colon cancer. Four  days later, Christa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Ava Gloria S. Worthington, after her deceased mother. It was a bittersweet time that in many ways marked a new phase in Christa's life.

After her mother's death and Ava's birth, Christa decided not to return to Manhattan but instead to stay in Truro. She had just inherited a house there and money from a trust fund, which made her less dependent on work and able to spend more time with the baby.

Christa & Ava at the beach
Christa & Ava at the beach

David Usborne of the Independent said that "friends thought that Christa had truly found contentment in Truro, staying home with her little girl and watching the seasons pass from the small windows of her wood-shingled bungalow." Christa's happy life would come to an abrupt end just a couple of years later. Her death would spark an investigation, which would eventually involve a list of suspects ranging from the mistress of Christa's father to Tim Arnold and Tony Jackett.

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