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The Rise and Fall of Thomas Capano

The Case comes Together

The following weekend, on July 4, Ken Chubb went out on his fishing boat to catch a few fish for the holiday.  He'd filled up his cooler with his morning catch and was ready to call it a day.  Then he spotted something floating in the water and recognized it as a nice, new cooler, shimmering in the afternoon sun.  He couldn't imagine who'd throw something like that away.  It was missing the lid and a handle, but otherwise it seemed in good condition.

Then Chubb noticed two holes that looked like bullet holes, and a pinkish stain inside.  That was just blood from someone's catch.  He figured he could fix this cooler up, plug the holes, add a new lid, and he'd have himself another fishing coolerbut this one was top of the line, worth about $200.  It was a keeper.


The case against Tom Capano was now secure.  Then Louis came in and confessed what he knew about the bloodstained sofa.  He said that Tom had dumped a gun as well.

On November 12, 1997, Tom Capano was arrested for the murder of Anne Marie Fahey.  Denied bail, and fearful of retribution from inmates he had helped place in the prison, he sat in solitary confinement until his trial.


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