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Bruce George Peter Lee

One-Family Crime Wave

Detective Sagar claims to have found the father of the house, Tommy Hastie, "a likeable rogue" and said of the Hastie boys in the Hull Daily Mail. "They may have been somewhat mischievous at times, but they didn't deserve to die like this."

Yet residents of the neighborhood were rather less charitable in their comments about the family, despite the appalling tragedy that had befallen them. Indeed, such was the shocking level of animosity still being expressed towards the family even after the tragedy, that the local press immediately dubbed the area "Street of Hate."

"Never before have I encountered such hatred and dislike for a family," Sagar admitted.

This naturally led police to look for a neighbor with a grudge. But no likely suspects were brought to their attention. Many police felt the community was hiding something. They weren't to know that there was a rather different explanation for the deafening silence a dark force was at work in their midst which even the most eagle-eyed among them had failed to notice.

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