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The Murder of Andrew Kissel

Blood Everywhere

Map of Connecticut with Greenwich locator
Map of Connecticut with Greenwich locator

The moving men were not pleased as they sat in their truck, waiting.  It was after 8:00 AM on Monday, April 3, 2006, and the front gate of the mock-Tudor mansion at 10 Dairy Road in ultra-rich Greenwich, Connecticut, was locked.  They'd rung the bell several times, but no one answered.  The foreman was particularly annoyed because this had been an unusual rush job.  The lady of the house, Hayley Wolff Kissel, had called the previous Friday to get a crew to empty out the place and store the contents for a week or so until she figured out where to put it.

Two days earlier moving crews from J.B. Moving in Stamford, Connecticut, filled three vans with furniture, clothing, and other belongings.  They would have finished the job if Mrs. Kissel's husband, Andrew Kissel, hadn't insisted on staying for the weekend.  The couple was in the process of divorcing, and it was obviously not an amicable parting.  After a nasty argument that some of the movers had witnessed, Hayley Kissel relented and agreed to let Andrew stay for the weekend.  These were his last few days of freedom, after all.  He was scheduled to appear in federal court the next week to plead guilty to widespread fraud charges.  His next address would be a federal penitentiary, so he wanted to spend what time he had left in posh surroundings.  The movers were asked to come back on Monday morning for the bedroom set, which Andrew would be using, and the last of the Kissels' belongings.

The movers were now eager to get this job finished, hoping they wouldn't have to see any more of the Kissels' bickering.  Frustrated that they couldn't get into the house, they called their boss, Doug Roina, the manager of J.B. Moving.  Roina called Hayley Kissel to explain the situation, and she gave him the code that would unlock the gate, which Roina passed on to the men on the job. 

The moving men opened the gate and backed their truck up to the front door.  They rang the doorbell and knocked, but no one answered.  One of them tried the door and found that it was unlocked.  The men let themselves in and got to work, dismantling the bed and loading up the last of the furniture.

One of the men went down to the basement to see if there was anything left to move down there.  What he found turned his stomach.

A man sat slumped forward in a chair, hands and feet bound.  His t-shirt was pulled up over his head, covering his face.  He was covered in blood, and it had spread onto the floor around him.  There was blood everywhere.

The movers immediately called the police who later identified the dead man.  It was Andrew Kissel.

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