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Dutch Schultz: Beer Baron of the Bronx




Aug. 6, 1902

Born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer a German Jew on the Lower East Side

Dec. 12, 1919

Schultz is arrested for burglary of Bronx apartment and sent to Blackwells Island

July 1925

Schultz is appointed deputy sheriff in the Bronx, so he can carry a gun

Oct. 15, 1928

Joey Noe wounded in shootout outside Chateau Madrid nightclub

Nov. 4, 1928

Arnold Rothstein is shot by George McManus and died two days later

Nov. 21, 1928

Joey Noe dies

May 1929

Schultz attends Atlantic City Conference

April 1931 - Feb. 1932

The Coll / Schultz War

May 31, 1931

Peter Coll is murdered by Schultz gunmen

June 18, 1931

Danny Iamascia killed by police and Schultz is arrested

July 15, 1931

Coll kidnaps DeMange and Madden pays $35,000 for his return

July 28, 1931

Colls attack on Joey Rao leaves five children wounded, one dies

Sept. 1931

Schultz's name is on Salvatore Maranzanos hit list

Sept. 10, 1931

Murder of Salvatore Maranzano, Bo Weinberg is involved

Oct. 2, 1931

Joe Mullen, a Schultz employee, is murdered by ex-Schultz gang members now with Coll

Oct. 4, 1931

Coll arrested for the Baby Murder attack

Dec. 18, 1931

Murder of Legs Diamond, Bo
Weinberg is involved

Dec. 1931

Coll and Frank Giordano are acquitted in Baby Killer case

Feb. 1, 1932

Patsy Del Greco, Fiorio Basile, and Emily Torrizello are killed by Schultz gunmen

Feb. 9, 1932

Murder of Vincent Coll, Bo Weinberg is involved

Jan. 25, 1933

Schultz is indicted for income tax violation

January 1933

Schultz is a fugitive avoiding

Nov 1934

arrest for the income tax indictment

Nov. 28, 1934

Schultz surrenders in Albany on the tax indictment charges

April 16, 1935

Schultzs tax trial begins in Syracuse

April 29, 1935

The tax case ends in a hung jury

Aug. 2, 1935

In second tax trial in Malone, NY, Schultz is acquitted

Sept. 9, 1935

Bo Weinberg disappears, is believed to have been killed by Schultz

Oct. 23, 1935

Schultz, Landau, Rosenkrantz & Berman are ambushed in the Palace Chop House in Newark by Workman and Weiss. Schultzs lieutenant Marty Krompier is critically wounded in Manhattan a few hours later.

Oct. 28, 1935

Dutch Schultz is buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery

July 14, 1937

George Weinberg and Dixie Davis are indicted for policy racketeering by Dewey

May 25, 1938

Jimmy Hines is indicted for his role in the policy operation

Aug. 15, 1938

First Hines trial begins

Sept. 1938

Judge calls a mistrial

Jan. 26, 1939

Second Hines trial begins

Jan. 29, 1939

George Weinberg commits suicide

Feb. 25, 1939

Hines is found guilty and sentenced to prison

Oct. 14, 1940

Hines enters Sing Sing Prison

June 9, 1941

Workman pleads no contest to Chop House murders and is sentenced to life in prison

March 4, 1944

Weiss, Buchalter and Capone are electrocuted in Sing Sing death house

August 1944

Hines is released from prison, he dies in 1957

Dec. 31, 1969

Davis dies of a heart attack after his home in California is broken into

March 16, 1971

Thomas Dewey dies in Florida

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